Trip Collection

The Julien
in black leather
& canvas

A limited run of a Leader classic.
Gear up for Winter and get yours!
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Julien Set
and a very special gift!

With each Julien Set, you'll receive an exclusive Everything Pouch. This durable, 100% cotton canvas bag is perfect for travel, tidying, or storing your beautiful new Julien backpack!

Only available with
this limited edition set!

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What's in the Set?


Sturdy leather and canvas with 10 compartments for ultimate organization.

Change Pouch

Leather exterior and shoulder strap, wipeable nylon interior and polished hardware.

Change Mat

Fold-away, wipe-clean nylon change mat that tucks into your change pouch.

Stroller Straps

Compatible with all adult-sized Leader bags and change kits. Robust construction.

Everything Pouch

100% cotton bag for whatever life throws at you. Available exclusively with the Julien Set.

What Will You
Pack Today?
Dispatch from the field:
The Cranberry Isles, Maine

Pack your bags, we’re headed to the islands! This idyllic blip on the map is a perfect way to get lost and lead your tribe with curiosity.

Spending an afternoon on Great Cranberry Island in Acadia National Park is like taking a step back in time. The Maine air jolting you into the present moment and the trees rustling a welcome.

How to get there: There are no bridges to these magical little islands in northern Maine. To get there you must go by ferry or private boat! Locals Tip: Grab lobster rolls for the family at the Seawich Cafe on Great Cranberry right before the ferry dock and enjoy the ride…

Pack Your Essentials: When daytripping, we use the Julien Change Pouch as a catch-all kit of everything you might need to keep your adventure going smoothly.