The Meta Mobile

How do we celebrate life’s simple moments?

From this mighty goal, the Meta Mobile was born. A handcrafted reminder to stay in the moment and slow down in those early days of parenthood.

Meet the

Piera Gelardi, co-founder and Executive Creative Director of Refinery 29, leads with love all day, every day. Honest, imperfect and not afraid to show it, Piera shows us that being vulnerable is a strength, not a weakness.

We are thrilled to feature Piera as our Leader Ambassador of the Meta Mobile.

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Meet the

Lindsay Joy Stone is an artist and designer living in Portland, Maine. Through mixed media and photography, Lindsay's work explores time, memory, and nature's elements.

We are honored to showcase Lindsay as our first Leader Artist collaborator.

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About the
Meta Mobile
When we opened our flagship shop in Biddeford, Maine, we commissioned local artist Lindsay Joy Stone to create giant mobiles to hang in our store windows...

The Meta Mobile is an heirloom piece:
handmade and limited edition—
to pass down through the generations.

As soon as we saw the pieces in place, we knew. A scaled down version would be an artful touch to any nursery. The opportunity was irresistible: support a local artist and share her craft with our Leader World.

The Meta Mobile combines unique shapes with our own Leader values sprinkled in: love, kindness, wisdom, peace, and solidarity.


Infant brains instinctively seek stimulation from very simple experiences that help organize the nervous system without overwhelming it.

Jane M. Healy, PH.D.
Your Child's Growing Mind