Diaper bags that smash the Patriarchy
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We're here to overturn the old roles — of the mom who had to hold the diaper bag, and the dad who wouldn't. We reject baby products that are focused on the mom only. At Leader Bag Co, our partners are considered to be equal parents, so we make products to support them... equally.

Our mission is to lead by example for the next generation.

People say "it takes a village" and we believe that, firmly.

When we started Leader Bag Co, it was out of necessity. Our partners were uncomfortable lugging around the diaper bags we found at the time; they were girlie and ugly. They were just as excited, just as motivated to be involved parents, but were being pushed aside by bad design. It was totally unfair.

We decided to redesign the diaper bag, make it inclusive.

We sampled and tested our backpack for two years, from 2011 to 2013, before launching Leader Bag Co. We measured diapers, bottles, wipes and toys. We put the bag on tall moms, short dads and everyone in between. We edited, re-sampled and changed fabrics.

In 2013, we released The Julien backpack; the original diaper bag backpack. It's designed for the whole village.

Be the Change. Lead with Love.

Meghan Nesher

Meghan manages creative strategy, product development and influencer relations at Leader Bag Co. She is based in Kennebunkport, Maine.

A California-bred, Montana-raised woman, Meghan is the embodiment of the spirit of the American West. She brought that spirit with her when she relocated from Portland, OR to Kennebunkport, ME, her husband Dave’s hometown. Together they live with their two children Julien and Robben. She is also passionate about spirituality, fitness, health, fashion, and learning about self-actualization. She is a free spirit and likes to see where the wind takes her. You can follow Meghan's adventures @saltyisthenewsweet.

Liz Elliott

Liz manages the company strategy, digital strategy and daily operations. She is based in Jupiter, Florida.

Liz lived in Maine before braving New York City to attend Parson's Design & Technology program. After soaking up city life, holding various tech jobs and playing bass in a punk band, Liz migrated south to sunny Florida and met her husband, Ken. Together they have two (surprisingly) blonde-haired, blue-eyed kids, Trip and Kristen. After becoming a mom, Liz devoted herself to building a healthier lifestyle through fitness, nutrition and lots of time in the sun.

Jessica Nesher

Jess is a Leader Bag Co co-founder and owner, based in Portland, Oregon.

An Arkansas native, Jess now makes her home in Portland, OR with her husband, CJ, and their two children Wilson (5) and Emmy (1). In addition to her work with Leader Bag Co., Jess’s career has been focused on serving children, first as a teacher in West Philadelphia and currently as a pediatric psychiatric nurse in Portland. Jess is passionate about helping children and families have the healthiest and happiest lives possible. Though she has taken to life in the Pacific Northwest, Jess still appreciates good southern food eaten while calling the Hogs.

Jay O'Neill

Jay manages product and brand at Leader Bag Co. He is based in Australia.

Made in Australia and raised with a healthy dose of California, Berlin and New York City, Jay began working with Leader Bag Co while living in Manhattan, NY. He has since relocated back to his native Australia with his wife, Ebonee where, in an effort to combat home sickness, they plan to genetically engineer the first bald-eagle/boxing kangaroo hybrid. In addition to his work with Leader, Jay co-founded Paradise, a product and design studio based in New York and Sydney. Fun fact: Jay can do an infinite number of chin-ups.


Leader Bag Co products are available in select boutiques in Maine, and in our flagship store in Biddeford, opening in the fall of 2017.

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