Q&A with
Shayla Moller

Who: Shayla Moller
Where: Southern California
With: Husband, Nicolaus, and two kiddos: Niels, our 3 year old boy, and Astrid, our 1 year old girl.
What: Photo taker, design maker, and marketing director for Wildbird

Tell us a little more about what you do!

I never thought I would go back to working full-time after I had kids, but Wildbird made an offer that was too enticing to resist! With my flexible work schedule, I feel like I'm able to chase both my career and mom dreams. Plus, it helps to have a partner so willing/able to be at home with the kids while I'm at work.

— On Self

How would you describe your style/aesthetic?

I'm drawn to things that are simple, clean, and effortless. I looove Scandinavian design and style.

What's your routine for getting ready in the morning?

Ha, it depends on the day! I have my 15-minute rush out the door routine, and my ideal hour(ish) routine. On a good day, I will have breakfast with my family, get everyone their dose of herbs, vitamins, and celery juice, do a quick YouTube workout with my kids crawling all over me, shower, then get myself and my kids dressed and ready for the day.

What would you say is your go-to uniform?

Mom jeans, a white shirt, and either mules or Vans.

— On Motherhood

How do you create mom/life balance for yourself?

I try not to let the mom guilt set in if I'm taking time for myself. I know that if I don't make time to recharge, I won't be able to be the best mom I can be. So, I just try to be fully present and dedicated to whatever I'm doing, whether that's taking time for self care, mothering, working, or on a date with my husband. When I'm properly practicing this, I avoid a lot of overwhelmed, burnt out feelings.

What is your biggest accomplishment as a mother?

Feeling all those feelings of fear, self doubt, and inadequacy, but being able to push through them. And, not only committing to growing a family and raising littles, but really enjoying the roles and responsibilities that come with making those commitments.

What is your most vivid memory from your journey to motherhood?

The intense love and connection I felt with my babies immediately after they were born. I know that the bonding process comes differently for different people, but I just remember being blown away by how fiercely I could love someone after meeting them just moments before.

What does a typical day-in-the-life with your family look like?

Most days my husband wakes up early to surf, so I'll have the morning with the kids and then go to work when he gets back. I'll meet up with the family for lunch, go back into the office, or work from home. Then, I watch the kiddos while Nicolaus makes dinner, which will hopefully be eaten in our backyard or at the beach! After that, bedtime routine for the kiddos and hopefully a face mask, foot rub, bowl of ice cream, and bad reality television for me!

What does "Family Time" look like for your tribe?

It usually starts with gelato and ends up at the beach.

How did your upbringing differ from how you raise your own kids?

My mom was a full-time stay-at-home mom, and I work full-time. I appreciate the sacrifices that my mom made to raise four kids without a lot of extra help, and very much respect anyone's decision to do that. But I hope that by me working, it teaches my kids that women can do whatever they want to do, in or outside of motherhood; that it's a personal decision and to respect each others choices.

One nugget of wisdom for other mamas?

Being a happy mom is way more important than being a perfect mom!

— On the Future

What are your hopes and dreams for your children?

I just want them to find happiness, peace and contentment in their lives, whatever that means, and whatever that looks like for them.

When your kids are grown and out of the house, what will your Saturday mornings look like?

Sleeping in as late as I like and starting my day slowly and intentionally.

Retirement plans?

Oh boy, I love my line of work so much, I have a hard time thinking I'll ever want to be done with it. I honestly want to stay busy and in a creative line of work as long as my mind/health allows it.

— Quickfire Round

Loftiest dream:

6-month road trip through Europe with my family.

Can't live without:

A camera!

Next vacation:

I would love it to be Morocco, but it will probably be Utah to visit family!

Currently reading:

I'm embarrassed because I used to be an avid reader, but now I mostly just read picture books about cars, sharks, and dinosaurs to my son.

Alarm clock set to:

Usually between 7-8am

Guilty pleasure:

The Bachelor franchise.

Rule you always break:

Dinner before dessert.

Desired superpower:


Biggest role-model:

My husband. Cheesy, I know, but I mean it.

Spirit animal:

It depends on the day, but probably a koala bear. I really just like to cuddle and sleep!

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