Q&A with Terry Reth

Who: Terry Reth
Where: Westbrook, Maine
With: Ash, Poppy, and our two cats: boy and girl
What: Audio/video at Unum

What does your ideal day with your family look like?

A slow morning to start the day. We just bought a new bed and mattress and have been melting in it ever since. Breakfast/coffee at a local haunt in Greater Portland, and then outside… for anything: playgrounds, walks, etc. Poppy’s been getting much more stable on her feet and we’ve been getting little tastes of the outside. My ideal day right now is to just get outside and play.

Assuming you never leave the house without your LEADER bag (ha!), what essentials do you always bring with you so you are prepared for anything?

True statement: I never leave the house without our Julien bag. Heading out the door, I grab it knowing with full confidence it has everything I need when I’m with Poppy (diaps, wipes, snacks and toys). Water Wipes, Chewy and Knobby Qs for Poppy Lou, and a handkerchief for dad… it’s much easier for me to pull that out of my back pocket for drool/runny noses, also pro tip: they’re makeshift bibs. We now have a Trip that I’m going to outfit similarly to the Julien, so it’s a grab and go.

— On Fatherhood

How do you practice leading with love as a dad? And as a husband/partner?

Being kind to all walks of life. I want Poppy to treat animals with respect and understand their roles in our ecosystem. As a husband, trying to take care of the little things so more of our time can be focused on family… I try to keep this gang fed and entertained as much as possible.

What has surprised you the most about becoming a dad?

I never thought I would be so obsessed with this tiny little human. I’ve caught myself looking at pictures of her while she’s napping in the next room… numerous times.

One piece of advice for new dads?

Take care of mom, I repeat: TAKE CARE OF MOM.

What do you wish people would have told you about becoming a parent?

Listen to your gut and trust yourself. There’s no expectation for a baby to sleep through the night, she’ll get there when she gets there. Parent guilt is something that’s very hard to side step.

What has been super challenging about being a dad?

Patience and setting expectations for myself. Also, going to the bathroom.

What is a misconception that a lot of people make about dads?

That they aren’t as hands on as moms.

What is your dream for Poppy?

That she never changes. She’s sweet, loving, charming, fearless, hilarious, thoughtful, and everything I could ever dream for in a child. I want none of it to change and I’ll do everything I can for her to grow those traits. I want her to grow up doing something she loves.

— Quickfire Round

Personal Dream?

To be a better overall human. I’m being watched now… keenly.

Favorite hobby?

Snowboarding, probably one of the few things that lets me turn my brain off.

Ideal date night?

Drinks at Portland Hunt + Alpine, dinner at Cong Tu Bot, and a nice show… hey Leon Bridges, come back to Portland.

Guilty pleasure?

Bon Appetit’s Apple TV channel.

Desired superpower?

To be able to catch Poppy when she falls.

Dream vacation?

Japan, eat my way through the country and snowboard some of the mountains there.

Spirit animal?

My girl cat… what a life she lives.

Terry wears the Julien Black Leather Backpack.
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