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Oat Mama's Eliza Larson

Founded by a group of moms and friends, Oat Mama seeks to innovate and develop new products for moms, from pregnancy to postpartum and beyond, to keep them feeling loved, nourished, and supported. Their line includes teas that to take you through each trimester all the way through postpartum, as well as products for lactation support. Truly a company created by mamas for mamas.

Who are you!?

My name is Eliza Larson, I’m a wife, mama to 3 boys, and the co-founder & Creative Director at Oat Mama where we make products for motherhood and wellness. I’m also a cookbook co-author of Eat to Feed.

What's your favorite product at the moment?

My favorite Oat Mama product is our Chai Spice Lactation Tea. It was my favorite to drink while breastfeeding to help with my milk supply, and now I enjoy it because it’s honestly a delicious decaf chai, so I like to have it a couple of times a week. My favorite product outside of Oat Mama is hands-down anything skincare. Right now, Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum is my go-to. It makes my skin feel dreamy, and it smells incredible.

Why did you start your brand?

We created Oat Mama in 2015 after noticing a lack of good lactation products on the market at the time. I was a food blogger and my best friend Kristy was a foodie, and since we were both breastfeeding, we decided to create a product we could enjoy as breastfeeding mothers, which became the first lactation granola bar on the market. Since then we have introduced teas and supplements and new wellness products to our Oat Mama offering.

Starting off, nobody knows what they’re doing, but that’s the fun in starting a business: you learn as you go.

What’s in your bag right now?

My purse always has my Smith’s Rosebud Salve Balm, Apple Airpods, sunglasses, make-up bag (containing bronzer, concealer, lipstick and SPF cream, my favorite orange blossom perfume from Jo Malone), wallet, gum, day planner, and just keeping it real, some wrappers and old receipts that need to be thrown out.

How do you balance #worklife and #momlife or, just, #lifelife?

I still struggle with work/life balance. What helps me handle it a little better is getting up early before my kids are up so I can enjoy a cup of coffee by myself and read the news or a book.

When you are struggling and in the thick of it all, what are some words of wisdom or tool that brings you back to your center?

When I’m feeling extra stressed, I like to use the meditation app, Headspace, or go for a walk and listen to music or an inspiring podcast. I mostly do this in the morning, while I’m waiting for my cup of coffee to brew. I notice I feel better and am able to handle more during the day if I can get one or both of these things in.

Hot tip for someone wanting to start their own business?

Just go for it. Starting off, nobody knows what they’re doing, but that’s the fun in starting a business: you learn as you go.

Ok, we're playing this game called Tag, She’s It... What’s a female-led business that’s on your radar right now?

I love Elvie and all of their marketing right now.

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