Market Talks:
Earth Tu Face's Sarah Buscho

Founded by two women in a California kitchen and herbal garden, Earth Tu Face seeks to bring the wisdom of the earth to our daily routine. Using 100% plant based, organic ingredients, their products are formulated to heal and restore our skin just as nature intended.

Who are you!?

I’m Sarah Buscho, the founder of Earth Tu Face. I’m a clinical herbalist, nature-lover, natural perfumer, and most recently, a new mom.

What's your favorite product at the moment?

The Face Balm is my forever-favorite. It is a luxurious combination of antioxidant-rich virgin coconut oil, anti-inflammatory rose essential oil, protective cocoa butter, and healing immortelle essential oil. It was the first product I created for Earth Tu Face and it still feels like home. I love how it adapts to different skin needs with the balancing botanicals. I use less in summertime but usually my skin needs deep hydration and this balm keeps my skin balanced and glowing at all times.

Why did you start your brand?

Everything we create goes back to the earth eventually, and I’ve always been hyper-aware of that fact. So, when I started Earth Tu Face, it was vital for me to create products that were in harmony with everything they touch from raw materials to whole products and back to our waterways and soil. I’ve also always had both a love of plants and sensitive skin. In 2009 (and before) I couldn’t find products that were gentle enough for my skin so I started making my own. Nature is inherently intelligent, and using natural ingredients opens a door to incredible healing benefits that have been celebrated throughout the ages. Plus, using pure ingredients and natural packaging (like glass and cardboard), means that our products return harmlessly to the earth with minimal waste.

It was vital for me to create products that were in harmony with everything they touch from raw materials to whole products and back to our waterways and soil.

What’s in your bag right now?

Always our Skin Stick for chapped lips, and now, for things like diaper rash and cuts that my little gets. Also, a bunch of formulas I’m working on and natural perfume blends I’m playing with and smelling as they age and cure. A powder sunscreen, a pen with a flashlight, a tiny diaper kit and comfortable shoes by Womsh — the shoes are made of vegan material made from apples and I am so in love with them! All in a cute emerald colored Mansur Gavriel backpack that I scored second hand on the Real Real.

How do you balance #worklife and #momlife or, just, #lifelife?

Try to expand time. Life becomes overwhelming with so much responsibility and I often feel pulled in contrasting directions. Because of that I try to be much more efficient these days. I try to breathe, expand each present moment, get to bed early, soak in every second with my magical little. I try to appreciate the tasks I get to do instead of feeling pressure that I have to do them. Also, I believe taking the time to model self-care — washing my face or bathing with my baby and enjoying it is fun for both of us and positive patterning.

When you are struggling and in the thick of it all, what are some words of wisdom or tool that brings you back to your center?

I’m hoping laughter, wine, deep breathing, and gratitude is an acceptable answer here! I spend my days dividing time between running after my toddler and with my nose to the grindstone at work because we are a tiny force of 4 people making Earth Tu Face happen. When the day is done and the little one is asleep, winding down with a friend over a glass of local wine belly-laughing over the day’s trials and tribulations helps me recenter and not sweat the small stuff. Life is messy and beautiful and hard and ecstatic!

Hot tip for someone wanting to start their own business?

Stick to your ideals even if those around you don’t share your vision. It’s more expensive to use glass packaging and cardboard instead of plastic. It’s more challenging to source pure plant ingredients. Don’t let the hurdles faze you. Tenacity and a commitment to creating something different and important, not something easy or already done is everything. It will set you apart and breeds integrity. If people are telling you that it can’t be done, you might just be onto something.

Ok, we're playing this game called Tag, She’s It... What’s a female-led business that’s on your radar right now?

Pansy Co. is an amazing brand making beautiful, sustainable, and actually comfortable undergarments. The brand is run by my friend and kick-ass mom, Laura Schoorl, who is such an inspiration style-wise and also in her commitment to the earth. Plus, we all need to be moving away from microfiber clothing and into organic natural fibers.

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