Market Talks:
Doddle & Co.'s Nicki Radzely

Doddle & Co. was founded by two moms who believe the tools and tricks we rely on as parents can be approached differently. Their goal is simple - to bring you products that make the day-to-day realities of parenting easier.

Who are you!?

My name is Nicki Radzely and I am the CEO and co-Founder of Doddle & Co., a baby product company whose forte is solving universal points of friction in the early stages of parenting. Simply put, we make better baby products.

What's your favorite product at the moment?

My favorite product is our new Pop & Go pacifier, a super-modern pacifier that gives you total control over the nipple and is perfect for a teething baby. Plus, the colors are so beautiful!

Other gems: Aveda dry shampoo, Netflix, a new band called Caamp, Glossier highlighter, and Apple AirPods. Who needs anything else in life?

Why did you start your brand?

Because I couldn’t envision doing anything other than bring this brilliant idea my business partner, Janna Badger, had to parents everywhere.

Do an unworldly amount of research. Everyone has probably done it before. Don’t do it differently. Do it better. Do it in a radically new and interesting way.

What’s in your bag right now?

Trident gum, iPhone, AirPods, wallet, pens, receipts... I wish I had a better answer! 😏

How do you balance #worklife and #momlife or, just, #lifelife?

My life-life balance is to raise your hand when you need help. The trick is to understand where that line is. Help/support can be from your partner, your children, a good friend, a therapist, a colleague, a mentor or simply time with your good ole’ self.

When you are struggling and in the thick of it all, what are some words of wisdom or tool that brings you back to your center?

“You are being prepared for something right now."

My toolbox is usually filled with quiet time. I’m a secret introvert so I need quiet, alone time to think and just to be. I also think friendships and some act of exercise is the secret to mental health.

Hot tip for someone wanting to start their own business?

Do an unworldly amount of research. Everyone has probably done it before. Don’t do it differently. Do it better. Do it in a radically new and interesting way. Craft your own story and unique vision. Talk to everyone who will talk to you. Mine for nuggets of wisdom. Failure will happen, learn to work it to your advantage. Passion can wane over time... make sure your gas tank is filled with not only passion but an energy that will keep ticking when the chips are low. You’ll need it all. This ain’t easy. It’s not for the weak, so buff up and get ready to go beyond what you thought your lowest and highest points have ever been. If you do it right, you’ll probably be lucky enough to experience both.

Lastly, you see me but around me and with me are my favorite people on earth who tell me all the time that this is amazing and I can do it. Their belief in me when I don’t 100% see it or feel it has had the power to make me believe in things I cannot see and cannot hear. That came in the first years of Doddle, it wasn’t on day one.

Ok, we're playing this game called Tag, She’s It... What’s a female-led business that’s on your radar right now?

Eliza Blank, Founder of The Sill. She’s my crush.

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