Happy Mother’s Day!

I’d like to share a story with you about my son, Julien. 

Julien, my oldest son (he’s 7 years old now), always asks me to snuggle him before bed. It’s really sweet. We lay in bed together and we talk about the highs and the lows of our days. It’s our time to check in with one another and connect. 

Sometimes, I eagerly take him up on his offer because what’s better than snuggling, but other times I moan and groan because I’m tired and I have the house to clean and work to do. 

And then recently I realized something: not too long from now, there will be a time when he will stop asking me to come into his bed to snuggle. And he will stop asking me to kiss him goodnight, and he will stop asking me to read to him. 

And when that time comes, I’m sure I will be heartbroken because I will miss those precious and intimate moments with him, but what I really want to avoid feeling is regret for not having snuggled him in the moment that he asked me to be there with him. 

So, this is a reminder to myself that in any moment, I can choose to see things differently

I can choose to embrace the chaos (messy house, tired eyes, work to do) and instead be present with the ones that I love and enjoy the ride as much as possible because time is flying by - and I don’t want to miss a second - or a snuggle - of it. :)

Hope you are showered with even more hugs, love, and kisses than usual today... and every day... because you deserve it more than you know. 



Also, love this reminder and illustration from Mari Andrew:

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