First, I should note that job titles at Leader Bag Co are completely arbitrary.

We did pick them during a meeting in 2013 because our brand designer Lotta Nieminen needed to send our business card design files to the printer. But… titles don’t really work for us. We are a collaborative company and we try to always play to each others strengths, regardless of whether or not they can be labeled.

In this BTS, I’ll share a little bit about what (flexible) roles we each play in the company and some of the specific tasks that we do.

In other words, here’s who we are and what we do during a normal work day.

Meghan is a co-founder, one of the sisters-in-law. Meghan is the Leader Bag Co creative visionary who has exceptional taste. Every day, she helps shape our voice, brand and products to make sure they fit the company’s vision, which she helped define. She reviews PR, influencer and media opportunities. She interacts with our community, customers and potential customers on Instagram and Facebook. Megs takes tons of photos and curates our IG feed; it helps that she’s super beautiful, photogenic and - bonus - approachable. She writes a lot of copy for all of our projects. Her day is fluid and flexible, and a lot of times, she is able to let inspiration guide her.

I (Liz) am a co-founder and sister-in-law. Megs and Jess married my brothers (lucky me because I absolutely adore them both - great choice, bros). I’ve taken on a kind of management role at Leader Bag Co and recently left a job I loved to focus on it fulltime. I organize our meetings, hire and manage consultants and manage our finances. I help us prioritize tasks and make sure we follow through. Since I have a technical background, I make updates to the website and create email blasts. I also do the posting to Facebook, the blog and copy edit/embellish the stuff Megs writes.

Jess is a co-founder and also one of the sisters-in-law. Recently, Jess decided to develop her career as a nurse by going back to school and we couldn’t be more happy for her. Unfortunately, that means she needed to take a backseat at Leader Bag Co. Since our founding, Jess has helped to build the company by navigating us through the legal and financial small business maze. We couldn’t have done it without her.

Dave is Meghan’s husband and my brother. Is this family tree making sense? He joined Leader Bag Co full time a few months ago and thank GOODNESS. Business has exploded recently and we really needed the extra hands/brain. Dave manages customer communications and questions, wholesale orders, manufacturing correspondence and fulfillment. He’s very back-of-the-house in a lot of ways, and needs to kind of wear a bunch of different hats at different times of the day, but he’s a true technician in that he’s detail-oriented and methodical. We also really love the “dad” and “husband” angle Dave brings to the table. It’s super helpful to have that extra input.

Jay is a part owner of Leader Bag Co. Jay joined us as a technical designer back in 2012. Since then, he’s been blessing us with his brand, small business and manufacturing knowledge. Jay will hop in to create a technical design for a product, will work with Meghan to choose colors, fabrics and finishes, and is the designer for any important branded materials we put into the world. Jay doesn’t focus on Leader Bag Co every day, he’s with us at our weekly operations meeting and will deliver designs or collaborate with Megs on products as needed.

All together, we have a balanced team. We love working together, and although we each bring something special to the table (Megs: vision, Jess: function, me: management, Dave: follow-through, and Jay: business acumen), we all contribute a ton and overlap in different ways.

For example, we each…

  • Text each other basically all day long every day, sharing positive reviews from our customers, inspiration, and to ask questions
  • Come up with product, marketing and brand ideas
  • Make business decisions that affect budget and brand
  • Vet influencers and sponsorship opportunities

This spread has worked for us. As the business grows and changes, we continue to trust the process, and try to do everything we do with love - whether it’s helping a customer resolve an issue or contemplating a major business decision together. We all have ups and downs but we try to keep a patient, collaborative mindset that completely revolves around the HONOR and PRIVILEGE of being able to work together for a business we built and cherish.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and as ALWAYS, if you have any questions, comments or even advice for us, please say hi by emailing



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