“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

Mother Theresa

As a small business owner, I have a deeper understanding for how much heart and hard work goes into building a brand and making a product. As a result, I am much more thoughtful now about my purchases than I used to be. I try my best to shop small and/or shop locally from people and businesses that I have a connection to or a relationship with.

It's nice to think about who is on the other end of the shopping cart button or the other side of the counter.

Do they share the same values as you? What are they trying to build? Does their voice and message resonate with yours? How can I support someone else's dream and vision? These are things that cross my mind before I buy. That being said, sometimes Amazon Prime is just the way to go and you gotta do what you gotta do :)

I love supporting people that are creating beautiful things and making a positive impact on the world

Below is a list of some items that I love for myself and for my family. I hope that you enjoy looking at it and that it brings you some inspiration for gifting this season!

  1. Designed and made in Maine by More & Co. I love these cozy sweatshirts for the boys.
  2. Big fan of Moon Juice. I love adding their moon dusts to my tea and/or smoothies for a little health boost.
  3. Tacos by Lotta Nieminen. Lotta designed our branding and makes the cutest interactive children’s books.
  4. Love a great pair of socks. And we could all use more smiles in our lives.
  5. In love with the current Apiece Apart Collection, and this Archer Backless Jumper in particular.
  6. I collected bells growing up and love the look of this ceramic bell. Made in ME, by Rae Wilson.
  7. There is something so cute about these All Birds sneakers! I want a pair for each of my boys.
  8. This is a great speaker by Sonos for blasting whatever. And, it pairs with Alexa. We are currently blasting Christmas music round the clock and Julien loves to ask Alexa jokes daily. Win, win.
  9. My look is evolving, yet again. :) Very inspired by the French look, simple and chic. Nothing says French girl better than a striped shirt.
  10. This beautiful quarterly magazine combines two of my passions: food and parenting.  A yearly subscription would make such a nice gift.
  11. Julien Change Clutch. I literally use this every day. I don’t own any other purses. It’s just a great and versatile piece.
  12. We turn down the lights and light candles when we eat dinner. It helps center everyone and bring the energy level down. I love Japanese aesthetic. These Nambu Tetsu Candle Stands are so lovely. And they go great with these candles.
  13. Grain hand makes really beautiful surfboards in Maine. Dream gift for my husband who has recently become stoked on the sport.
  14. Julien outgrew his bike and is in need of one his size. These bikes are designed for little ones with real components.
  15. Key Fob by Grei New York from one of my fave shops in Portland, ME...Judith
  16. Know someone that likes a night cap? These Party Pills (whiskey stones) from Spadone Home, a design studio based in Kennebunk, ME, are the coolest!
  17. Polaroid Camera for Julien because he loves to take pictures.
  18. For Dave because he loves good coffee. Coffee Manufactory roasts the most delicious beans that we have ever tasted. Smooth, fresh, delicious.
  19. I love collecting beautiful and useful tea towels.
  20. Popcorn Sweater from Misha & Puff has been on my list for a few years now. It’s an investment, but I plan on sizing up so that it lasts Robben a few years at least. And, it’s an heirloom piece meant to be handed down.
  21. Honey Mama’s makes THE. BEST. CHOCOLATE. It’s nourishing and guilt free. I buy it in bulk and eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  22. A 14 Cup Food Processor for Dave so that he can make double batches of his famously delicious homemade pizza.
  23. You are a Message. I believe that mediation is key to my mental health. Now I just have to make it more of a routine.
  24. Bath Toy by Kid-O for Robben
  25. City Atlas for Julien, my little book worm. He loves learning about new places. I can’t get enough of the books by Quarto Publishing Books.
  26. Headphones by UrbanEars. For drumming in silence and long car/airplane rides.
  27. A great white sneaker is a closet essential. This pair by Fillipa-K is perfect.
  28. Heath Kids Dinnerware Set, Heath Ceramics.
  29. Live Beautifully: With Uncertainty and Change, by Pema Chodron. Pretty much sums up my goal in life.
  30. RMS Signature Set for a quick and 5 minute natural makeup look.

Next year, I have half a mind to forgo presents all together and invest the money instead on plane tickets to go somewhere we have never been. Wouldn't that be so fun? Surprise! We are going to Italy! 

I'd love to create an experience and a lasting memory with my family.

Have you ever done that? I'd love to hear about where you went and how it all turned out. Email me at meghan@leaderbagco.com. Happy holidays!



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